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Monday, February 2, 2009

Few video clips of WTC 9-11 demolition/explosives

Building 7 Smoking guns: Eyewitness to Demolition Countdown
& Manhattan Demolition Truck seen in WTC 1&2 Attack Footage on 9-11

9-11 is a LIE!:Italian TV piece on the facts surrounding WTC7
(Eyewitnesses, Expert Analysis, BBC reports its collapse early)

New release WTC7 Angle clearly shows "squib" explosions

9-11 Truther Says his piece, WTC Witness, Larry Silverstein "Pull It" comment

BBC tries to make explanation for reporting WTC7 collapse early
but ends up confirming cover-up attempt. FACT.


More WTC7 Coverage

Steel Framed Buildings do not collapse. Building Fire vs WTC7 fires.

WTC Tower 
At around the :45 mark halfway up are "squib" explosive flashes.

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